ATYP Online

Your support will help ATYP to connect with more young people across Australia!


ATYP Online was introduced in October 2013 when we live-streamed our first ever theatre production out to a handful of regional and remote communities. It was a small step to connect ATYP in a brand new way that has set us on a great adventure.

Since then we have learned much about the use of digital technology in theatre, how important it is in our future, and what is needed to take us to the next level that will benefit more young Australians.

The most significant problem facing ATYP is our internet connection. Currently, ATYP can only afford ADSL internet and we are operating with access similar to a standard household internet package. It provides a narrow band width and is slow. During our live-streams, we need to bring in an external operator to provide us with portable broadband to enable the live-streams to take place. And even with additional bandwidth, our live-streaming often drops out, even to regional communities which have full broadband connection.

Our ADSL connection doesn’t allow us to upload content easily, preventing us from uploading large, interactive files or video clips. Slow speeds lead to system crashes affecting our regular operations.

Funds raised from this year’s appeal will see us make connecting to high-speed internet a reality. It will allow ATYP to:

-       provide interactive and relevant theatre experiences to young people across the country;

-       improve ticket handling and data management; and

-       provide ATYP with significant operating efficiencies, thereby make ATYP  a more sustainable company.

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ATYP ONLINE achievements to date

Since 2013 we have raised around $190,000 towards ATYP Online which has helped us:

- deliver 7 live-streamed productions reaching over 7,200 young people!

- create 30 new online teaching resources including 10 new videos

- receive funding for a ‘Geek-in-Residence’ who has audited our digital technology use. focusing on future planning using digital technology.

In 2013 we released the following to launch our ATYP Online initiative.

Our national panel of Teacher consultants have indicated the need for quality interactive theatre education resources.

“There are a plethora of drama resources currently available to teachers. However, most of the online resources are connected to curricula in the UK and USA. As such they are not specific to the Australian national curriculum. ATYP have an opportunity to develop online resources specifically for young Australians.”  

Sandra Gattenhof, Drama Australia 

With our expertise engaging and working with young people, and our experienced education team, we see an opportunity to build a dynamic online resource that connects the company’s activities with teachers, students and schools around the country.

ATYP online allows us to be innovators in digital theatre education, responding to the needs of educators nationally and the current gap in online resources. ATYP online has the ability to increase accessibility of theatre programs to young Australians regardless of age, geography or socio-economic background. This will enhance student engagement in their own learning and their creative futures."

Adèle JeffreysATYP Digital Education Manager