atypical advisors


We at ATYP might be young at heart, but it's been a while since many of us were 16!

As the national youth theatre company we are driven by young people: their passions, their struggles and their opinions inform the stories we tell. That's why we have our ATYPical Advisors, or ATYPicals for short. The Atypicals have a unique place within ATYP; they assess scripts being considered for production, they give guidance on what's of interest to young people that minute and they give us a polite nudge if we start to wander in the wrong direction. In return we keep them informed about goings-on within the company, invite them to shows and special events, and offer them a totally transparent view into the daily workings of a professional theatre company.

We are currently seeking expressions of interest from young people aged between 11 - 26 to join the ATYPicals.
See below for application instructions.


  • To create a company everyone can enjoy,
  • To listen to and represent young people,
  • To identify and deliver unique experiences,
  • To maintain a sense of NOW and look forward in decision making.


  • We are genuinely passionate about theatre and performance,
  • We believe in fun and focus - hard work and great experiences,
  • We understand not all young people are the same.  We respect and embrace difference - in background, opinions and aesthetics,
  •  In our meetings every suggestion is respected.


The ATYPicals meet regularly at ATYP. Agendas for every meeting are distributed one week before the meeting, and ATYPIcals can opt to add to agenda items. Minutes are also taken and sent out a few days later.

The advisory committee can, at any time, make formal recommendations for ATYP company activity. The company takes these suggestions seriously, and follow a specific process when recommendations are made. This process is:

    1) ATYPicals agree on the recommendation,
    2) A plan of action is agreed with the staff and recorded in the minutes,
    3) Staff actively pursue all suggestions, including:
        a) Feedback on the feasibility of the suggestion (budget, resources etc.); and,
        b) How to achieve the suggestion,
    4) Staff report back at the next meeting (or agreed deadline if one month isn’t enough time),
    5) ATYPicals are then invited to participate in the delivery of recommendations that are enacted.


Potential applicants must email ATYP Education Coordinator Rowan Bate citing:

  • Why you want to be an ATYPical?
  • Write a short paragraph about your connection to ATYP.
  • Tell us what you hope to contribute by joining the ATYPicals.

Application requirements: It’s important that the ATYPicals have a strong and continuing connection to ATYP. To be eligible for selection you must have:

  • Completed 2 school holiday programs; or,
  • Completed 1 Semester Ensemble course; or,
  • Performed in 1 ATYP production.


  • 12 month involvement,
  • Commitment to attend and contribute to regular meetings,
  • Attend at least 2 ATYP events per year.

If you want to get involved, please email our Education Coordinator, Rowan Bate at [email protected] by 7 April 2017.