Behind The Scenes

There’s plenty to talk about in this edition, so rather than do a lengthy intro, I thought it was be best to start with some of the young people who spend their time at ATYP in workshops and productions. They have something they want to say to you...
With warmest regards,
ATYP Development Manager

Annual Appeal 2017
As you will have seen in our video, we had such a brilliant outcome for the Annual Appeal this year!
Thanks to our community of supporters, ATYP raised $131,000 through this years’ Annual Appeal, including $50,000 in matching funds through Creative Partnerships Australia’s Plus1 initiative.
This has been our best appeal effort to date. It would not have been possible without the contributions of 165 donors from Sydney and around Australia.
Where will the Appeal funds go?
  • $124,195 will be directed towards ATYP’s stated priority of purchasing new computer equipment and related IT support items. This means that as ATYP grows, staff will have access to more reliable and portable computers, improved storage facilities for photos and videos of our productions and workshops, and improved data security.
  • $4,227 was raised for ATYP’s Scholarship Fund providing 11 more places for young people who would otherwise not be able to attend our holiday drama workshops.
  • $2,000 was directed towards supporting our award-winning productions. This is added to the $25,000 generously provided by the ATYP Producers’ Circle.

Other things worth noting:

  • We had 51 new donors,
  • Our youngest donor was just 15 years old and,
  • an amazong one third of all donors are parents of children that paticipate in programs at ATYP!
The value of donor support through the Annual Appeal cannot be understated. Every dollar makes a difference. Philanthropic support ensures ATYP continues to provide world-class drama programs award winning productions and education resources that develop important life skills for young people and help nurture the next generation of Australia’s creatives and thinkers.
Meet Lincoln...
Not everything that counts can be counted. And not everything that can be counted, counts. - Albert Einstein
Lincoln Buccieri is a student at the University of Kentucky (US) and recently interned with us for six weeks through our contacts at Boston University. During this time he worked with the Marketing and Workshop departments on a variety of tasks from filming rehearsals to create promotional materials for our current production Dignity of Risk to being an assistant tutor for the short film course during the school holidays.
As he was about to return to the States, Lincoln spoke to us about his reasons for wanting to intern with ATYP and what he has gained from his time volunteering with us.
“I arranged to volunteer at ATYP originally because I have always been interested in theatre, and heard tremendous things about the company through my Boston University supervisor. The highlight of volunteering at ATYP has been learning how to have fun, and also get your work done. That mix is often hard to find, but the workplace at ATYP makes it happen in a fun way. One thing that I have learned during my time at ATYP is to trust your own voice and value your own opinions. As a first week intern at ATYP I was trusted to make a video representing the company's name and the employees had faith in me to do a good job.”
Volunteers are critical to the ATYP ecology. Each year we are lucky to have 80+ volunteers from diverse backgrounds helping us with all sorts of projects and events.
In addition to ATYP’s fabulous Board of Directors, our volunteers either sit on variety of committees that perform vital functions for the company, are pro-bono supporters (IMPACT Communications, and King Wood Mallesons) university level interns, Year 10 work experience students and our amazing parents who help out with grass roots fundraising.
Our volunteers donate their time and expertise out of a shared care and concern they have for helping us realise our company objectives. Culturally, ATYP values providing young people with opportunities to improve their careers and life experience, and this extends to volunteers (and staff) of all ages. While we cannot always provide payment for services, we do aim to provide positive learning experiences for all of our volunteers.
On behalf of the entire ATYP community, we just want to say a very big thanks to all our fabulous volunteers for their time and energy.
ATYP'S Move to Griffin 2018
You may have heard on the grapevine that ATYP is getting ready to move into a new home in the coming years. The spectacular Walsh Bay Arts Precinct space will include a 200-seat theatre, fully equipped dressing rooms, two workshop spaces, offices and an artists green room. However, while renovations are underway, ATYP will need to move away from The Wharf temporarily.
So where will our fantastic productions be staged?
We are delighted to let you know that the iconic Griffin Theatre Company has opened its doors to ATYP. In late August at their 2018 season launch, they will announce the ATYP @ GRIFFIN residency that will see three of ATYP’s commissioned productions staged in Griffin’s Darlinghurst theatre as part of ATYP’s and Griffin’s 2018 season program.  
This is an excellent example of the importance of partnerships between companies. Griffin proudly supports the development of new Australian writing while also creating comprehensive education resources to accompany this work. Their ethos of making shows more accessible and engaging for schools and students who are watching or performing the published plays is a great fit for ATYP, making for an exciting partnership.
More details about the ATYP 2018 Season productions and other programs will be announced in the next month.