25 Oct 2017 to 28 Oct 2017
Wed - Sat 7pm
60mins (no interval)
ATYP Studio 1, The Wharf
Early bird $20 (before 27 September)
Tickets $25

02 9270 2400


Kite is nine years old, and her life is full - of friends, of school, of handball and Healthy Harold. But every afternoon when she comes home from school, a darker side of her world threatens to creep in. In her bedroom, where the real and the imaginary collide, Kite uses the only tool she has - play - to learn how to articulate and navigate a world that is bigger and more unpredictable than she can understand.
How much do children perceive of the world around them? And how much to adults perceive of the world of children? As the line between the world of children and adults, real and imaginary begins to blur, Tammy & Kite will explore the bounds of the imagination and knowledge of children in situations that are both beyond their understanding and heartbreakingly close to home. 

Devised and Performed by Hannah Cox and Caitlin West
Directed by Olivia Satchell
Produced by Imogen Gardam
Sound Design by Josephine Gibson and Alexis Weaver
Artwork by Hannah Cox
Tammy & Kite is a creative collaboration with genuine heart. It definitely deserves the attention of parents, educators and theatre practitioners alike.“ The AU Review
Age Recommendation: 11yrs+