19 Jul 2017 to 22 Jul 2017
Wed - Sat 7pm
60mins (no interval)
ATYP Studio 1, The Wharf
Early bird $20 (before 19 June)
Tickets $25

02 9270 2400


I am expected to do well in school. I am expected to take prescription medications.
I am expected to know everything about technology. I am expected to be dowdy.
I am expected to not talk about death. I am expected to start becoming an adult.
I am expected to be making the biggest decisions of my life. I am expected to put on a fake personality to fit in with others. I am expected to be slowing down. I am expected to know all the answers. I am expected to be individual – different – unique. Do you actually want to know me?

Canberra Youth Theatre (CYT) presents an honest new work performed by 13–16 year olds and members of Canberra Dance Theatre’s over-65 years’ GOLD troupe. It was developed in 2016 using the cast’s collective stories, experiences and pressures at different stages in their lives, asking “Does age matter? In the end aren’t we all just having human experiences?” The work has been shaped using audio interviews, video footage, live commentary and headphone verbatim technique, and is presented using physical theatre.

Director: Katie Cawthorne


Age Recommendation 12+