21 Jan 2016 to 23 Jan 2016
Thurs - Sat 7PM
45 mins
ATYP Studio 1, The Wharf
Tickets $35
Earlybird tickets $25 (until 5pm, 5 January)

02 9270 2400

Patrice Balbina's Chance Encounter with the End of the World

Director Fraser Corfield

Recognize yourself in he and she who are not like you and me.- Carlos Fuentes

Something unsettling has crept into the neighbourhood. It’s a feeling, a suspicion that disappears when you look at it directly. Patrice Balbina has noticed that small things are starting to disappear. The butcher loses his laugh, the man with the pigeon is losing his patience, and Dad says the government has lost its mind. Even the love of her life seems to be a little further away each day. But you wouldn’t expect the end of the world. Then it rang the doorbell. 

Patrice Balbina’s Chance Encounter With The End Of The World is a unique collaboration between artists from six leading international theatre companies. ATYP Artistic Director Fraser Corfield leads professional artists from Pilot Theatre (UK), Teatro O Bando (Portugal), Teatro Stabile d’Innovazione (Italy), Dynamo Theatre (Canada) and Presentation House Theatre (Canada) to devise this new work that will premiere at ATYP before transferring to Vancouver. The final chapter of the two-year international partnership Documents of Poverty of Hope, supported through the European Union’s Cultural Fund, this extraordinary work looks at immigration and emigration from a global perspective.








Photographer: Amelia J Dowd
Designer: Justin Stambouliah
Talent: Grace Campbell