The Actor’s Tool Kit :Get out your tool belt and explore the Elements of Drama. This practical workshop explores the vital ingredients that make you actor. Students use their voices, body movement and more! A great introduction to Drama.

Playful Playbuilding: Let's Pretend! Let your imagination run wild in this fun, practical workshop designed to bring your students' ideas to life. A great introduction to the playbuilding process or a set of fresh eyes for a piece you are working on in class. Students will devise a short piece over two fun-filled hours

Reader's Theatre: Studying a book in class? Want to bring it to life with your students' ideas? This is the workshop for you. We will unpack the characters, language and themes of the story while giving your students a chance to actively explore the world of the book.

Integrating Drama across Curriculum: Love Drama? Don't have much time? Learn how to integrate Drama into your classroom. Let us know the topic you are studying and we'll develop a drama experience to match it. This is a great learning experience for you and your students!

Mastering the Mask: Create a character to match the mask. . . .Students will love to let the mask take over as they explore this largely improvised art form. Your students will love the sense of play and freedom as they explore the characters behind the masks.

Digital Storytelling: Enter the realm of the digital. Using small screens and handheld devices students use technology to tell their stories. An integration of the virtual and digital worlds and the reality of the space you are in this workshop puts a new slant on the way we interact with theatre.

Tailor Made Workshops: At ATYP we specialise in meeting the needs of your students and your classrooms. Let us know the workshop topic you would like and we'll create an experience just for you!


The ATYP Foundation Commission School Partnerships provide an exclusive opportunity for you to step inside the creative development of a play. It connects your school to a playwright, a team of creative designers and a brand new play as it is being written!

Your students participate in a series of online workshops linked to the play, at your own pace, and attend a virtual video conference workshop with the playwright as they embark on the writing process. They get the opportunity to suggest alternatives to characters, scenes and language use. They meet the creative team that is designing, sets, lights and costumes and present their ideas here too. Students then see the play as a fully-fledged ATYP production and unpack the process with our specialist Learning Team either in our audience at The Wharf or via our live stream.

After their premiere season at ATYP each play is published by our partners at Playlab and made available for you to use in your classroom or drama group.

View our past Foundation Commission Plays


ATYP's Artist in Residence programs allow your entire school to become part of the ATYP family. Our Learning Team will work with you to develop a program that meets the needs of your students. One of our artists visits your school for regular workshops that build drama knowledge, embed drama across your classroom learning and can even lead to a performance.

What might the program look like?

  • An artist works intensively with a class/year group for one term
  • An artist visits once a week and works with your entire school
  • An artist helps your students stage a performance of an ATYP play
  • An artist works with your students to help them develop and stage their very own play

rams for your staff and scholarships for selected students to attend an ATYP school holiday workshop. Contact our Learning Team to find out how we can embed an artist in your school.

See the impact an artist residency can have in these short videos made during our time at Marrickville Public School







Risk Assessments

Each residency is crafted to address specific KLAs and with a rigorous pedagogical approach. We also include teacher learning prog