Resources for Writers


There is a vibrant playwriting community across Australia that ATYP has the good fortune to tap into. Not only does ATYP present and develop theatre for young people, it also presents and develops theatre by young people 26 and under. In order to better support playwrights, we have been building a series of resources to guide playwrights and talk about the experience of being a writer. 


The following are a series of articles by playwrights that give advice, tips and reflections on experiences of playwrights.

Top 10 tips for Playwrights by Van Badham

Writing Monologues by Caleb Lewis

Playwrights are not Writers by Hilary Bell

Interview with Anya Reiss by Julia-Rose Lewis

A Sense of Place by Lachlan Philpott

"I'll stake a claim: I am the slowest playwright in the Southern Hemisphere" by Peta Murray

The Sound of One Voice Speaking by Ross Mueller



Interviews with Australia's leading playwrights and advice from emerging playwrights.


Lally Katz

Alana Valentine 






Lachlan Philpott

Finegan Kruckemeyer


Writing Monologues: The Voices Project 2014


Writing Monologues: The Voices Project 2013