Scholarship Fund

“Performance training has helped me greatly in developing both my social skills and school work. It paved the way for clarity of thought in public speaking as well as confidence to share ideas in classroom environments.”

- ATYP Participant

Our innovative, challenging, high quality drama workshops are transforming young lives; some recent scholarship recipients have now been accepted into specialised Performing Arts high schools while past scholarship recipients have gone on to establish fantastic careers in the film and television industry. In our safe and nurturing rehearsal spaces, young people are encouraged to explore their creativity and voice (making new friends and improving their social skills are happy by-products). ATYP allocates 10% of all semester long and holiday workshop places to scholarships. 

We have the capacity and the demand, we just need your help in providing these life changing scholarships. Our partner charities, GIRLS & BOYS BRIGADE, BARNARDOS AUSTRALIA, THE ASYLUM SEEKERS’ CENTRE and (other charities) identify to us young people who would benefit most from receiving scholarships. 
You support makes a world of change for a young person facing disadvantage.
  • $30 provides a week of lunches for a holiday workshop participant in need
  • $150 travel allowances for 10 workshop recipients for a holiday workshop
  • $380 places a child in a drama workshop
  • $760 places 2 children in drama workshops
  • $1,140 places 3 children in drama workshops
Watch our VIDEO and go behind the scenes of our drama workshops to learn more about what young people gain from drama.