PLAYBUILDING: The building blocks for group devised Drama; transitions, tableaus, and a top performance! A practical workshop to get your students up on their feet and creating their own pieces.

IMPROVISATION: Let your imaginations run wild! Go with the flow, follow your impulses. A favourite workshop among students and teachers alike.

SITE-SPECIFIC PERFORMANCE: Let us guide you out of the classroom and through creating a performance work based in a unique place.

PHYSICAL THEATRE: Get up, get moving! Our exciting physical theatre workshops will extend you students’ physical abilities. Learn to enhance your characters with physicality, tell your stories through movement.

MASTERING THE MASK: Surprise yourself! Let the mask take over. . . . Students will learn to use their bodies to convey characters from this largely improvised art form. You can select a specialty workshop of Commedia dell’Arte or Basel masks, or experiment with neutral masks to whisk away their inhibitions.

POLITICAL THEATRE: Make connections with the world around you. Evoke a response from your audience. Get Political! This workshop explores theatre as a means for understanding our world. Take a stand!

DIGITAL STORYTELLING: enter the realm of the digital. Using small screens and handheld devices students use technology to tell their stories. An integration of the virtual and digital worlds and the reality of the space you are in this workshop puts a new slant on the way we interact with theatre.

VOICE IN THE THEATRE: Warm up those vocal chords with fabulous tongue twisters, alarming accents and fantastic techniques for developing the actor's voice. A workshop for all ages!

TAILOR-MADE WORKSHOP: At ATYP we specialise in meeting the needs of your students and your classrooms. Let us know the workshop topic you would like and we’ll create an experience just for you!


GET YOUR GP ON: This workshop explores the various phases of group devised theatre; from the inception of an idea, developing the idea and performing your piece.

MONOLOGUES MASTERY: Shine you shoes, button your jacket, polish your monologue! Everything you need to know about unpacking and performing monologues.

DIY MONOLOGUES: An active writing workshop developed in conjunction with our in-house writing experts. For those who want to dabble with writing their own monologue for performance.

APPROACHES TO ACTING: Explore the masters in these practical workshops. Boal, Lecoq, Meyerhold, Grotowski – Select one, combine two: Take your Pick!

THEATRE FROM YOUR OWN BACKYARD: Explore the conventions of traditional or contemporary Australian theatre using a script of your choice.

TACKLING TRAGEDY: Go as far back as the Ancient Greek Tragedies in our Traditional Tragedies workshop OR study the tear jerkers from more recent times in Contemporary Tragedies.

SITE-SPECIFIC, STREET & EVENT THEATRE: Explore the world around you. Take your performance out of the theatre and out of the box. The possibilities are limitless.

BLACK COMEDY: Was it really ok to laugh at that?! This practical workshop will pull apart the conventions of Black Comedy using a script of your choice.

DESIGN FOR THE THEATRE: Step behind the scenes and glimpse the process of theatre design; set, costume, lighting and more! Your students will work with our professional designers. This workshop is perfect for HSC Individual Projects, design, entertainment industry students.



Monologues Now builds on the creative legacy of ATYP’s successful monologues series, The Voices Project, which has been showcasing the best writing by young writers for young performers since 2011. Each year ATYP brings together twenty young writers and challenges them to create stories that speak to the experience of being a young person in Australia, here and now. Those stories are brought to life each year by an ensemble of young actors in ATYP’s historic home on The Wharf. Now, we’re busting out of the theatre and hitting the road to give students the chance to experience the best writing by and for young people live in their school!

Monologues Now is a unique performance and workshop program that provides a drama experience that’s accessible to every student in your school. It starts with a performance by a professional ensemble for an audience of any size, followed by an intensive monologue performance workshop that will extend your senior drama class and help them hone their acting skills. At the end of the day you have the option of staging a second performance featuring your students acting alongside our ATYP artists!

The performance showcases a collection of distinct monologues woven together to create a snapshot of life as a young adult in Australia today. Relationships, family and identity are all examined with an insight and honesty that is turns warm, heartbreaking and irreverent. The workshop component is a bespoke program created by ATYP’s in-house education experts and is directly linked to the curriculum. Under the guidance of trained facilitators students will put into practice the performance and storytelling skills they learn in class and take a deep-dive into characterisation, stagecraft and script interpretation.

CONTACT THE LEARNING TEAM to find out how we can bring Monologues Now to your school.


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