I come here to improve my drama skills and to make new friends. Wednesday night is what I look forward to most each week.

- Callum Rutherford

I like atyp workshops because we learn how to interact with each other and improvise using other people’s ideas. We also learn how to show emotions and character by the way we hold our body.

- Charley 11

atyp classes offer education, friendships and enjoyment at all times. I have made plenty of fabulous friends with the kind people I meet there! Throughout my holiday week workshop I learnt a huge amount about drama. I am now able to use what I’ve learnt to expand my skills and be better than my best. All in all, atyp supplied to the greatest workshop I’ve ever been to!

- Sydney, 12

The teacher made me feel welcome and happy to be there. All the people were nice.

- Arran, 8

My girls have had so many wonderful experiences from your courses like Lydia taught her whole class to make juggling balls and she is always teaching some one new how to cartwheel or hula hoop.. Which i thought was just amazing she talks constantly about the classes she has done with you with such passion and love for every thing you have taught her. She did 2 terms of drama at school and she hates it ,i asked her what is the difference between atyp and drama .Her response was i love atyp because it is wonderful. Thank you.

- Kathryn, mother of Lydia 6

We did lots of warm-ups, games and improvisations and I learned that I could enjoy performing and I became more confident. We play built a piece that was 5 minutes long and we worked on it all week to perfect it – and we performed it for our peers, parents/guardians and friends on the final day. atyp courses are offered every holiday and you can also study there during Term time too – it is a great experience to discover new things about yourself and meet new and interesting people! I really had a fun time there and would love to attend another workshop there again next year.

- Brooke, 14

My daughter sophie did a weeks course, years 7-9 playmaking, she absolutely loved it and can't wait to do another in the next school holiday, so said going back to her regular once a week drama class at her dance school has been "ordinary" in comparison, so thank you to all at atyp.

- Linda parent of Sophie, 13

I would like to thank you and your amazing staff for such a wonderful week.  My children thoroughly enjoyed the Screen to Script workshops held at the Powerhouse Museum.  Living on the South Coast offers limited children activities and resources  and to be honest we were unsure of what to expect from the classes.  What a relief to collect happy and excited children at the end of each day who couldn’t wait to get to class the next morning.

- Cathy parent of Julia, 9 and Jackson, 11

You all do a wonderful job at inspiring children and nurturing their natural creativity.

- Lisa parent of Mimi, 10 and Eliza, 7