12 Dec 2012 to 15 Dec 2012
Wed - Sat 7pm
atyp Studio 1
$20 Full, $15 Concession
$15 Groups 4+

02 9270 2400

Australian Theatre for Young People presents

the dwarf revue

by some funny young folk
Directed by Neal Downward

I’m sure you’ve got the memo. The Mayan calender has scheduled a hostile takeover of the world by Death and his 3 horse-obsessed brothers in December 2012. atyp ushers in the end-of-times with Dwarf Revue. Dwarf Revue? Yes, it’s like The Wharf Revue… only smaller, and slightly more underground.

So wave a fond farewell to 2012, the universe and everyone who lives there (you) with a comedy extravaganza written and performed by a dynamic team of atyp-ers. If this is the last show you’ll ever see in your life (and let’s face it, it probably will be) you’re going out on a great note!

Suitable for ages 14+

Season: 12-15 December