The Voices Project

 The Voices Project brings together the best of new monologue writing from ATYP’s emerging playwright program, and presents it on stage, on page, on film and online, giving voice to a new generation of Australian writers, theatre makers, filmmakers and performers. 

The Voices Project - ON STAGE

Each year, 10 monologues are produced by the participants of the Fresh Ink National Studio, and these go on to form The Voices Project stage show. 


The Voices Project 2011: Tell It Like It Isn't 
The Voices Project 2012: The One Sure Thing 
The Voices Project 2013: Out of Place
The Voices Project 2014: BITE ME


The Voices Project - ON FILM

Each year we select outstanding monologues from The Voices Project to be adapted for film:





The Language of Love (2013)The aim was to pick up chicks by sounding like a Frenchman. Hasn’t really worked out yet. The winner of the 2012 film competition, Love Bytes.

Written by Kim Ho, Directed by Laura Scrivano


Loved this film? Visit our Language of Love page for behind the scenes info and a guide to analysing the film.


Stick (2013)

They told me I’d be getting sick, but actually I’m just getting awesomeWritten by Carolyn Burns, Directed by Martha Goddard



Hunger (2013)

Sam puts everything into his work. Everything.

Written by Brooke Robsinson, Directed by Stephen McCallum




Bat Eyes (2012)

16 year old Adam cruelly teases a classmate. When he seeks her out to apologise, she has quite different plans for him. Years later, when least expected, the memory of this event comes back to haunt Adam. Written by Jessica Bellamy, Directed by Damien Power




Little Love (2012)

A moment’s reflection opens up a past secret love. The original monologue that inspired the short film, Bat Eyes.

Written by Jessica Bellamy, Directed by Damien Power


Behind the Scenes: Jessica Bellamy on Bat Eyes

Writer Jessica Bellamy talks about the writing and making of BAT EYES below (spoilers!)


RE:BOOT (2013)

RE:BOOT is a mashup of performers from all across Australia (and beyond), playing Dana/Dan, as writer by Joanna Erskine in the monologue Boot. From December 2012 to February 2013 actors (male and female) filmed themselves (or got their friends to film them) performing Jo’s original monologue, direct to camera.



Boot (2012)

A night out with best friends ends in tragedy, recriminations and a terrible secret. Can you save a friendship with a lie?

Written by Joanna Erskine, Directed by Damien Power


Boot: The Original Monologue (2012)

Dana has learned to be silent. She doesn’t want to talk about that night. But when her best friend lies about the tragic accident, she decides she has something to say. The original monologue that inspired the short film, BootWritten by Joanna Erskine, Directed by Damien Power



Behind the Scenes: Joanna Erskine on Boot  


To Be (2012)

Some voices speak across the ages.
10 actors, one rainy day, one city, and the greatest monologue of all.

Directed by Damien Power