8 Nov 2017 to 18 Nov 2017
Wed - Sat 7pm (please note there will be no 7pm show on 8th or 17th)
Sun 5pm
Matinee Wed & Fri 11:30am
Live Stream 15 November 1pm
60 mins (no interval)
ATYP Studio 1, The Wharf
Early bird $25 (before 08 October)
Tickets $35

02 9270 2400


Winner 2016 ATYP Foundation Commission


Bridie doesn’t tend to stand out. It’s halfway through her first year of high school and nothing seems to be changing. That is until, on the eve of Bridie’s 13th birthday, a box mysteriously appears on her bed. Attached to it is a card. It reads: “It’s time to become who you were born to be. The Fallen Phantom strikes midnight tomorrow. We need you to save us. Happy Birthday, Wonder Fly.”


Wonder Fly is a coming-of-age hero’s quest. The only problem is; no one’s sure who the hero is supposed to be. Set in Sydney-slash-Gotham City, the play leaps out of the world of a comic book. People are isolated, and evil preys on the spaces in between. There are bright lights and dark alleyways, just the way the Fallen Phantom intended.


Armed with nothing more than a box, a costume, a mask, a torch, a few eclectic superpowers and a map with a big ‘X’ on it, Wonder Fly asks the question: if we are all heroes, who does that make the villain?

Writer: Nick Atkins

Director: Sophie Kelly


Age Recommendation 8+


ATYP is partnering with Artology’s Fanfare Competition to offer a sound design scholarship. One young composer will be guided by one of Australia’s leading sound designers, Steve Francis, to create the composition and sound design for Wonderfly. For further details visit